Fixing mail delivery issues – Part 1: Overview

Unable to send mail to certain recipients? Maybe you send email out and certain recipients receive it, and certain ones do not? Or maybe you get a bounceback?

Despite email becoming mostly a commodity service, and all the big cloud providers jumping on board, you’re still responsible to manage email authentication yourself. Maybe you thought, “Hey I’ll just move to Microsoft 365 Exchange online and everything will work great.” Well, while to a degree this is true (no more down/hacked exchange servers), when it comes to actual mail delivery, it may be surprising to find out just how many things can cause troubles.

In this multi part series we’ll be diving into ways to help your email flow better. And, hey, who doesn’t like a good email flow?

There are several things that need to be taken into account.

  1. Email Authentication
  2. Domain Reputation. You need to maintain a good domain reputation. This includes not being put on any blacklists, which we will talk about in a further part.
  3. Which mail servers send mail from your domain? Do you use any 3rd party mailers to send subscription mail as well?
  4. Reputation of your email provider

The biggest thing that can be done is setting up email authentication. We will be looking at this in more detail in the coming posts, but in summary, this would be setting up an SPF Record, a DKIM record and a DMARC record.

In part 2, we’ll briefly discuss what SPF is before moving on to actually setting it up part 3.

Featured Image by Lisa Johnson from Pixabay

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